The Odd Job

Sharp Things Bits And Pieces

How would you feel about being hired away from a dismal office job to work for a consortium of elder gods? Declan Aingeal wasn’t sure how he felt either. One moment he is toiling away under endless stacks of paperwork and the next, he is dealing with an army of killer clones and monsters from legend, but how could you possibly say no to the perks gods can provide? Weapons forged by gods, the best sidekicks a guy could hope for and a sexually frustrated talking car to drive. As long as the girl he has a crush on doesn’t eat him, things should work out just fine.

Buffy fans will love this series, Sharp Things really sets the mood. Declan has been critically wounded and his girlfriend is out for blood. Follow the adjustor Belinde through a journey of epic retribution to the emergence of an evil god as Declan clings to life and an unlikely hero emerges to save the day. Bits and Pieces delivers the moments you hope for in a fantasy story then slaps your mental taste buds silly with some of the most unexpectedly hilarious aftershocks you could imagine.

Don’t expect subtlety if you let a wisecracking gorilla run rampant on dragon-back. The entire cast returns for more action, mayhem and silliness as the adjustors recruit a new face and turn the screws on an old nemesis. The clones are back with a vengeance and provide an unexpected twist that adds a thrilling element to the storyline. The twists and turns double up in the third installment of the Adjustor series, this time you’ll need a suitable supply of snacks to bring along on the extended journey.